About the Bogota International Press

Publishing your own book has never been easier. In this age of e-books and digital printing, there are more and more new books arriving on the market every day. In fact, over 725,000 self-published books in 2015 – and that number continues to rise.

As writers ourselves, our team understand that these are not just numbers. Each book carries a piece of that author’s heart, their hopes and dreams, and each one clamors for attention.

For readers, the question is, which book to choose? Which book will be my companion for the coming days/weeks?

For writers, the question is, how do I share this labour of love? How do I make it the best it can be – and how do I make sure it reaches the most people possible?

The Bogotá International Press is a boutique publishing house that was set up to help writers to navigate these tricky waters. It is a sister company of The Bogotá Post, the most widely-read English language newspaper in Bogotá.