Permission to Slurp. Bogotá International Press

Permission to Slurp

Colombian coffee is known around the world. Grown on mist covered hills by successive generations of hard working families, coffee from Colombia is considered some of the best. However, appreciating and evaluating that coffee – whether you’re visiting a farm in a coffee growing region or you’re sitting at a café in a big city – can be a challenge.

Colombia’s specialty coffee scene is now in full bloom, but coffee experts often generate as many questions as they answer.

  • Why do they ask you what flavors you taste?
  • How should you answer a barista who asks what coffee region you’d like to order?
  • What should you answer when they gesture to a series of bizarre coffee brewing methods and invite you to choose one
  • And why do they insist you slurp?
  • The good news is that you don’t have to run screaming out of the coffee shop or flee the farm. Permission to Slurp will prepare you to impress the pros and talk coffee on their terms. You’ll become an insider, cracking the secret code of the specialty coffee scene.

Yes, this book will guide you to the perfect cup of coffee. More importantly, it will set you on the path to a whole new world of flavors. You will learn about coffee plants and the care that everyone in the coffee chain – from coffee growers to roasters to baristas – lavishes on the precious coffee beans.

Permission to Slurp will introduce you to the sweet discovery of a coffee culture you hadn’t experienced before. And you’ll realize that you can change lives and shape futures by understanding how hundreds of thousands of coffee growers and their families benefit when you purchase specialty coffee.

The heart of Colombia is coffee. Be a part of it, and start your journey with this book, Permission to Slurp.

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